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Greenport, New York • September 3, 1893
We have heard Zincuta universally recommended by our customers who have used it for eczma & other skin diseases.”
– G.H. Corwin & Co. Druggist

Atlanta, Georgia • September 2, 2009
Zincuta Ointment has healed our scrapes, cuts & burns in half the time of any other thing we have used before”
– Susan & Hugh Switzer

New Hampshire • August 31, 1893
Have used Zincuta since its introduction and deem it the best general ointment. I is especially
good for the last stages of poison ivy; its anti-septic qualities make it cure quickly and soothe any cut or abrasion”

– Respectfully, F.F. Overton

Southold, New York • October 21, 2008
We used Zincuta for practically everything. Happy it’s available again!”
– Mr. J. Rich

Pleasaulion, California • September 28, 1896
Your Zincuta Ointment is and does more than you have represented it would.”
– Respectfully, Mrs. Ernest Stall

Email • April  18, 2011
I must tell you how wonderful Zincuta Ointment has worked on my dogs skin. He has Pemphigus, a auto-immune disease. Prescription creams were not helping,
even my veterinarian said “Zincuta worked way better” Thanks for bringing this GREAT product back”

– H.M., Aminal Rescurer

Mattituck, New York • August  3, 1903
I highly recommend Zincuta Ointment to all horse owners. I have used it regularly with great success.
No ointment will heal faster than Zincuta. I think it is the best remedy I have ever used.”

– J.B. Brown, Proprietor Mattituck Stables

Riverhead, New York • October  3, 2008
I have found that Zincuta Ointment is a most excellent remedy.”
– Carolyn Maisch

Middletown, New York • August  29, 1893
I have used Zincuta for burns, chafes & sores. I can recommend it to anyone.
It will prove entirely satisfactory and will do all that it claims.

– Asa Morehouse, Distributor

Baiting Hallow, New York • September 22, 2009
I love Zincuta Ointment. It lessens the pain of sunburn & prevents peeling and it takes the itch out of mosquito bites.
I would highly recommend Zincuta to my patients for all their skin problems.”

– Carol Bonura, RN, MSN, PNP

Hicksville, New York • December 15, 2015
“Zincuta has been amazing. I have dry skin on my feet and it has completely cleared it up!”
– Ms. D. Fisher