Bustle: A Healing Balm Reviewers Swear "Should Be On The Shelf Of Every Drugstore In America"


Wounds, cuts, and irritations need to be protected and kept clean. Luckily, Zincuta skin ointment works on just about all of them. This cult-favorite balm uses healing ingredients from nature, like beeswax, slippery elm bark, and styrax resin. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory qualities, so you can use it on bug bites, poison ivy, burns, eczema, sun exposure, chafes, dry lips, cracking hands, or basically anything else you can think of. "This stuff is getting harder and harder to find," says one reviewer, but it's the "best [they've] ever used... It should be on the shelf of every drugstore in America."

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