Turf & Rec Magazine- A Natural Remedy To Skin Irritations

Outdoor workers subject their skin to a number of afflictions, including burns, sunburns, abrasions, chafes, raw sores, insect bites and poison ivy.  An ointment made from pure and natural ingredients provides relief to those who may suffer from skin afflictions.  Zincuta oinment is made from zinc oxide, beeswax, styrax benzoin, elm bark, wintergreen, lavender and bergamot- all designed to moisturize, supress itching, relieve inflammation, and give a pleasant scent.  It can be applied to hands, knees, elbows, face and lips or anywhere else where skin is affected.  It is non-messy and won't leave a residue on clothing and has both anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.  The product should be applied to the affected skin area.  It penetrates the skin and softens, soothes, protects and heals all surfaces where applied.
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